After living in rental flats for years, full of magnolia walls these clients were very indecisive about what to do with their new home they had just bought.  With a full house to re-decorator they were a bit over-whelmed with where to start and how to add their own stamp. 

After meeting the clients and talking through their requirements we suggested helping them with designing a new hallway scheme, which would add a ‘wow’ factor as they first walked into their home and hopefully spur them on for the rest of the house. 

The clients didn’t really know what they wanted or how they wanted the space to look, and unfortunately both had different tastes!  By talking to the clients and asking them a number of questions it came apparent they both liked geometrics, so with that as a base we showed them a number of samples and began to translate this into a design concept. 

The design concept

We subtly nudged the clients to go a little bit out of their comfort zone by painting the woodwork dark, it’s something they never would have thought of themselves, and at first were a little shocked with the suggestion but it makes a great impact on the space straight away. 

The result

The finished hallway looks fabulous, very modern but homely too. The clients were very grateful for the advice and guidance on this project and thrilled with the results.