How to decorate a downstairs toilet

Picking wallpaper for a downstairs toilet can be tricky — guests use it frequently so you want to make sure it stands out and shows off your unique style.

As the smallest (and often most overlooked room in the home), the downstairs toilet is a great space to experiment with different interior trends. For example, why not try out a darker colour theme in here if you aren’t ready to commit to it in a bigger space like the living room.

Whatever your personal style, the downstairs toilet is a great place to choose bold wallpaper décor! This guide breaks down exactly how to choose a wallpaper for your downstairs loo and how to style it.

The classic Wisteria print can be found throughout the Cole & Son archive. This deciduous, sun-loving, summer bloomer with its refulgent racemes has been updated with a trailing hand-drawn trellis to create a graphic print that is as in keeping within a cottage garden as it is in a contemporary setting. Sur-flex printed, Wisteria has a thick, chalky texture bringing each individual bud to the fore in Powder Blue & Jade on Cerulean Sky. The blues within this wallpaper create a beautifully calming atmosphere in your bathroom.

This beautiful Woodland Rider wallpaper is from “The Explorer” collection by Mairi Helena. It is complete with intricate forest details but maintains a light airy feel which makes it the perfect choice for a minimalist/light-themed home. It pairs perfectly with crisp white hand towels for a subtle bathroom redecoration. Finishing off your decorating with an earthy Eucalyptus candle.

If you love florals, then look no further than this Asterid Wallpaper by Little Greene! This original floral wallpaper is modelled on a 20th century fine art illustration, making it the perfect way to add a touch of history to your home. Available in four different colours, this wallpaper is easy to style. Simply pick out your favourite tone and accessorise away! 

A fun wallpaper is the perfect way to add some colour and personality to your home. The downstairs toilet is often the smallest room in the house and is an easy space to decorate, so don’t be afraid to choose a bold print or try a new style. You might even inspire some of your guests to redecorate their loo too!