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Pantries are really on trend right now, and that’s great because they are so practical, too. Whether you want a walk-in option or some built-in storage, a pantry will help organise your kitchen and allow you to keep all your herbs, spices and other non-perishables together. 

Pantries can be incredibly stylish, but thankfully designing one doesn’t require a major house remodel. Here are a few creative pantry design ideas that are easy to implement and will get your kitchen organised and looking good in no time!

A DIY Walk-in Pantry

Fortunately, there is a way to create your own DIY walk-in pantry right in your kitchen! All you have to do is separate one of your kitchen walls (ideally one that doesn’t have a door or any units on it) with a floor to ceiling curtain. Place shelving units against the wall behind the curtain and you suddenly have a secret pantry. You can use storage baskets to hide some bulkier items on the bottom shelf so they’re out of view even when the curtain is open.

Wire mesh Shelving Unit

A walk-in pantry is probably the most desirable type of kitchen storage because it can usually fit quite a lot in it, while keeping everything tucked away and out of sight. But unless you have a designated room or space available just off your kitchen, it’s not a very realistic feature for everyone.

Build a Pantry Under the Stairs

If a walk-in pantry is not achievable in your kitchen, don’t worry, you might just need to get a little more creative with your space. For example, by using the space under your stairs.

It’s actually not uncommon to have an under the stairs pantry. Not only is it a creative way to use some empty space, but it means you can add cabinets or design shelving which meet your exact needs. 

You should have plenty of room for all your pantry items with this option. You might even have room to store some of those bulky appliances you rarely use.

Create a DIY Cabinet Pantry

Upcycle an old wardrobe and turn it into a freestanding pantry cabinet. This option is great for your kitchen and the planet. It may require some basic handiwork to add a couple more shelves inside, but this project gives you a genuine opportunity to get creative with your pantry design. 

If you choose to keep the wardrobe doors so that everything in your freestanding pantry is out of sight, why not give the wardrobe a fresh lick of paint to make it fit in with your kitchen décor? 

Alternatively, you could remove the cabinet doors and display your non-perishables in refillable glass jars. This is a really trendy and practical style because it’ll help you see what you already have — just remember to add labels to the jars. 

white Jute lidded basket

Make Use of Vertical Space

If you are looking to create a pantry on a smaller scale, don’t worry, we have plenty of creative small pantry ideas, too.

When you’re short on floor space, it’s best to make use of as much of the vertical space as possible. For example, you could turn one of your pre-existing kitchen cupboards into a pantry, creating extra storage by adding shelves to the back of the cabinet door — this is a great way to store spices. 

You could also hide shelves at the end of your kitchen island. This is a great option to sneak some additional pantry storage into a small space, plus it’ll be super handy when you’re cooking!


We hope this blog post has helped show you some creative pantry storage ideas. It is certainly possible to have a pantry, no matter the size of your kitchen, so it might be time to create your own!

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