Home organisation isn’t just about tidying up, it’s about creating an interior space that’s
calmer, more manageable – and even functional.

Learning to organise your home is an ongoing process, it’s a skill you hone rather than
something you just do once.

As you learn new tips and tricks, home organisation can become a very cathartic exercise. The act of organising can help reduce stress and a tidy home can aid in relaxation too. We’ve put together 10 great tips to help get you started!

Use Wall Space

Using hooks and shelves is a great way to maximise space, especially in a small home. Try
hanging up your kitchen utensils with this Brompton Hook Rail, or saving space in your hallway
with our Metal Luggage Rack. It’s great for keeping your winter accessories stored away but
you could also keep it clear and use it as a place to hang guests’ coats.

Create A Place For Everything

The key to really organising your home is making sure you have a place for everything. This
might take a bit of planning, so try working through one room at a time.

You can also turn your junk draw into an everyday draw for odds and ends like batteries and other items you use regularly but can’t find the perfect home for.

Use Your Furniture More Effectively

Try to use the furniture you already have more efficiently. For example, if you have a coffee
table with a shelf underneath it, then use the shelf to store magazines, books, DVDs, TV
remotes and such. Then try to keep the top free of clutter – it will instantly help your living
room appear more organised!

Create Space On The Inside Of Doors

Create additional space with hooks and shelves on the inside cupboard doors. Try hanging your towels on a rail inside the laundry cupboard or use small shelves to organise your spices – you’ll also save time when you’re cooking!

Rearrange Your Wardrobe

You can’t see your clothes properly if your wardrobe’s too full. A great way to organise it is by separating your winter and summer clothes.

If you decide to arrange your clothes by season, only keep out what’s appropriate for that time of the year. Alternatively, you could split your wardrobe into hanging and non-hanging and keep some of your clothes folded away.

Ladder Shelves For Small Spaces

Storage ladders take up hardly any space and are a very versatile piece of storage furniture. They can be adapted for any purpose (like a bookshelf to a bedside table) and can also be styled nicely with plants and photographs, unlike a traditional cupboard.

They’re particularly handy because they don’t need to be fixed to the wall and they take up minimal floor space. Try using one in a small room, like the bathroom – it would be perfect for keeping your towels and toiletries in order.

Try The ‘8-Minute Rule’

If you hate the thought of organising this might be the tip for you! Set a timer for eight minutes every evening and try to tidy and declutter as much as you can. There’s no expectation that you’ll finish everything in that time, but the exercise is designed to help make organisation easier, it might even become part of your daily routine.

Organise Under Your Bed

It’s easy to just stow things away beneath your bed to the point where you can’t remember what’s under there. Clear everything out and place anything you decide to keep in a repurposed dresser drawer. They’ll slide out easily and you can clearly see what lies beneath your bed!

Storage Baskets

Too many cushions and throws sprawled out over your furniture can look cluttered and
disorganised, tidy them away in a stylish jute basket when you aren’t using them. Not only are
they a handy storage feature, but they also add a little style to your décor!

Adopt The ‘One In One Out Rule’

If you’re still struggling to reduce clutter in your home, try adopting the ‘one in one out’
rule. It’s as simple as it sounds – when you bring something new into the house you get rid
of something you already have. It doesn’t have to be forever, but it’s a great way to curb
your consumer habits while you get organised!


We hope these tips have given you some inspiration for organising your home! To see our full range of storage furniture, click here.