How to Style a Home Office

There are perks to working from home, but it can also be difficult to find balance when you are living and working in the same place. Having a designated workspace can boost your mood and help you to be more focused and productive during working hours. It can also make it easier to take a […]

How To Make A Rented Home Your Own

It can be difficult to know how to make a rented home your own when most landlords don’t allow their tenants to make any major changes in a property.   While this might mean you’re stuck with dull walls or an unpleasant carpet, there are still plenty of ways you can make the space your […]

10 Tips For Organising Your Home

Home organisation isn’t just about tidying up, it’s about creating an interior space that’s calmer, more manageable – and even functional. Learning to organise your home is an ongoing process, it’s a skill you hone rather than something you just do once. As you learn new tips and tricks, home organisation can become a very […]

6 Signs It’s Time to Redecorate

The new year is a great time to think about redecorating.  We all want our homes to be warm and inviting spaces that reflect our personality, but it’s easy for interior styles to get outdated. We’ve put together some guidelines to help you work out when you need to redecorate. If any of these apply, […]

5 Things You Can Do In Your Bedroom To Boost Your Sleep Hygiene

Do you struggle to wind down for bed or find yourself waking up and checking the clock throughout the night? Many factors contribute to the quality of your sleep and things like too much stress, a poor environment or an unusual sleeping pattern could be costing you a poor night’s sleep. Continuously getting a bad […]

Functional Products for a Minimalist Home

Minimalism has been circling the edge of the interior design sphere for decades but has only recently gained mainstream popularity. Practising minimalism can help to remove unnecessary distractions from your home which lets you prioritise the important things in life. While there’s a common misconception that minimalism has stringent rules (it doesn’t!), you can embrace […]

How to Transform Your Bedroom for Under £1,000

Our bedrooms have had a lot of attention this year: they’ve become temporary offices and have been the backdrop for endless video calls. But sleeping and working in the same room is a tall task, so it’s important to get the most out of your space. With a few adjustments, you can create a more […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Feng Shui

Feng Shui (which is actually pronounced as Fung Shway!) is based on a system that originates from China and is designed to balance our physical environment, giving it a sense of harmony, well-being, and ‘flow’. It’s said that the items you have in your home and how they’re placed can either enable or block the […]

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