Our bedrooms have had a lot of attention this year: they’ve become temporary offices and have been the backdrop for endless video calls. But sleeping and working in the same room is a tall task, so it’s important to get the most out of your space.

With a few adjustments, you can create a more cohesive style for your bedroom which will not only help boost your mood but also improve your quality of sleep.

It doesn’t have to be a long or costly process either! In fact, you can transform your bedroom into your ultimate happy place in just a few inexpensive steps. 

This guide will show you where to start and help you discover how easy it can be to give your bedroom some TLC without spending a fortune. It focuses on changes you can make to your walls, furniture, lighting and furnishings for under £1,000.

Colour Scheme

Start by picking your colour scheme. This will give your room a more unified look. Choose something new if you’re feeling bold or just build on the colour you already have featured the most. 

You don’t have to pick just one colour either, why not try two coordinating colours to give your bedroom more variety? Grey works well as a neutral base for an assortment of colours like pink, navy and yellow. Alternatively, you could play around with different shades of the same colour, such as these shades of aquamarine paint

Wallpaper and Paint

Once you’ve picked your colour scheme, you can decorate your walls. This is arguably the biggest part of your bedroom transformation, but it can be done beautifully for less than £200. 

As it is far more expensive to wallpaper a whole room, why not try creating a feature wall. This is where you wallpaper a single wall (usually the one behind your bed) and paint the remaining walls a complementary colour. A feature wall is guaranteed to jazz up your bedroom and look great whether you prefer bright bold colours or want something with a calming effect. 

For a blue colour scheme, you could feature this Cole and Sons Flamingo wallpaper and match it with this Grey Stone paint. Or if you’re a fan of quieter walls, why not pair a classic French Grey paint with a soft geometric print


Don’t feel the need to replace all the furniture in your bedroom to achieve a total transformation. Just adding a couple of carefully curated items can make a real difference to the style of your room. 

With a budget of up to £500 you could add a comfy velvet armchair to your  or incorporate some useful and stylish storage options. A shelf ladder is the perfect storage solution for a small space and if you’re looking to declutter you could opt for wall shelves instead of bedside tables. They’re much cheaper, take up less space and keep your room looking tidy.


Don’t forget to update your lighting! Lighting enhances the aesthetic appeal of any room with minimal cost (less than £100!). Simply replace your old lampshade or ditch it altogether and opt for a trendy statement bulb. Match it with a Bulb Holder Lamp on your bedside table or the more minimalist ambient string lights. 

Finishing Touches 

No interior transformation is complete without the final touches. For less than £200, you can add in soft furnishings and the last few accessories you need to completely tie your room together. 

Essential soft furnishings include cushions, throws and a rugs. It’s a good idea to pick hues that complement your colour scheme. You can also illuminate one of your newly painted walls by hanging a statement print or create a unique gallery wall

Once the decorating is finished it’s time to light an aromatherapy candle and relax in your newly transformed bedroom. Your updated room is guaranteed to impress friends and colleges on your next zoom call too! 

At Grace & Grey, we have everything you need to transform a room – or your whole house! – so browse our products to see how they can make a change in your home for the better. Plus, if you’re stuck for ideas, we have an online and face-to-face interior design service.