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How to Create A Gallery Wall



Art can bring amazing energy into a room and is an easy way to transform any space. Done well, it can really tell a story and reflect your personality in your home. However, going from a blank wall to one full of life can be quite a daunting task – even for the most confident DIYer! So, for those of you who need a little help, here is a guide to creating your perfect gallery wall.


The most important part of creating a gallery wall is the planning process. For it to look it’s best, you need to put some thought into what kind of display you want to achieve. Here are the first few questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What colour or tonal scheme do you want? Whether you have a very monochromatic colour scheme or more of a subtle overarching colour palette, tying your pieces together through colour is the easiest way to make the whole thing look more cohesive.
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Do you want a neat, grid style layout or something more freestyle? This depends entirely on personal preference and what you feel would look best in the space. A grid layout is good if all your art or photos are the same size and the freestyle layout is a great option if you want a gallery wall that is more eclectic and perhaps has a mixture of different media such as art, photos, plants, and ornaments.


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  • Matching or mismatching frames? Again, this depends on how free of a look you’re going for – matching gives a very tidy and intentional look whereas the mismatching can give a boho, laidback feel.



  • Measure the space you have available. There’s no point buying 15 pieces of art if you only have space for 10!
  • If you already have pieces you want to put on the wall, measure them so you know how they will fit in your layout.
  • Plan! There are a couple of ways you can do this step depending on what will best help you visualise the space – either on the computer or on the floor. Using the computer, you can take photos or download images of the pieces you want on the wall. Using something like photoshop or even powerpoint, you can draw you the space you have available (to a rough scale) and start to arrange the images in the space until you come up with a layout you like. One of the great things about using this method is that you can test out how images will look on your wall before you buy them. The other way you can do it is on the floor – just map out the space you have available and arrange your pictures in the space and you can take photos on your phone of the options that you like. This way is great for people that find it more difficult to visualise ideas and can also be a lot easier if you don’t want to mess around with the computer.

Tips: When planning your layout, be mindful of the colours or busyness of your images – try to separate similar colours, frame styles, and busy pieces. This will create a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Also, don’t be afraid of a little DIY! Adding your own art, keepsakes, wallpaper or fabric scraps, and even the kids’ drawings can create a very varied and personal feel.


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Time to hang! If you’re feeling brave, you can go straight to the wall and either measure as you go or do it completely by eye. If this is your chosen method, I would recommend starting in the centre or focal point of the arrangement and go out from there to minimise the risk of running out of space. If you’re the type that likes more careful planning, a great method to help you out is to trace the outlines of each piece on paper and masking tape them to the wall- this way, you can be absolutely sure of the layout. This method is also great because you can mark on the paper where the fixings are so when you tape them to the wall you know exactly where to put the nails and are sure to get it perfect.

Whichever way you decide to tackle your gallery wall, try to have fun with it and don’t be afraid to start small and build it up over time, there’s no pressure to do it all at once!



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