How to Get Your Home Autumn Ready

“How do I get my home ready for autumn? I want to give my home a seasonal overhaul and update my décor, but I don’t know where to start!”

As the outside world starts to change from summer to autumn, it is a good idea to update your home’s interior décor too. A bright airy house is perfect for the summer months but with the leaves changing and pumpkin spice lattes everywhere in sight, you might be feeling ready for a cosier, more seasonal interior.

We know that seasonal decorating can be time consuming, so here are a few quick and easy tips that will help get you feeling ready for the new season.

First up, it is a good idea to freshen up your home with a quick clean. We know this can often be boring and time consuming, so why not try using our speed cleaning guide to help you whizz through the process.

Once your home has been freshly cleaned, you can start getting organised for autumn. Begin by packing away any summer items you have around your home (like that paddling pool in the garden) and bringing out any autumn staples to help your mindset transition to the new season.

Changing your furniture around is a great way to mark the new season. For example, perhaps you’d prefer your chairs closer to the fireplace?

If you love your future layout the way it is, why not try updating your dining area. Autumn is the season of dinner parties and cosy nights in. You might plan on continuing hosting guests throughout winter too, so make sure you have a suitable dining table for all your guests. Once you’ve picked the perfect table for hosting family and friends, give it some autumnal style with a seasonal flower arrangement or bouquet of dried flowers.

Next, create a cosy vibe by switching out your home accessories, like cushions, throws and even curtains. Opt for autumn home décor accessories featuring softer and more luxurious fabrics like velvet to create a cosy atmosphere. This Striped Silver Faux Fur Throw is perfect for curling up on the sofa or for taking outside to enjoy any dry autumn nights too.

To create a cohesive autumnal look, opt for autumn decorations and furnishings in orange, brown and neutral tones. If you feel like updating more than your soft furnishings, you could opt to add some fresh paint around the house. We have a handy painting guide to help if you need more inspiration.

While getting your home ready for autumn, it is important not to forget about the outside.

Outdoor autumn décor is one of the easiest looks to complete, too. A simple autumnal wreath creates an inviting and seasonal look centred around your front door.  A string of fairy lights are also the perfect addition for your garden. They’ll provide a cosy vibe, regardless of whether you plan to spend nights under the stars or simply enjoy them from the comfort of your sofa.

It only takes a few quick and easy steps to get your home autumn ready. Following these easy steps will help you feel ready for the new season — and remember, updating your accessories and furnishings is the key to feeling cosy and content in your home!