Folia Gardenia and Tonika 5oz Candle

Original price was: £15.00.Current price is: £10.00.


Explore the captivating world of our Folia candle collection, featuring a duo of beautifully speckled ceramic vessels that offer more than meets the eye. Not only do these vessels house delightful candles that infuse your space with enchanting scents, but they also transform into stackable, self-watering planters once the wax is depleted.

Imagine the endless possibilities as you mix and match these ceramic vessels to create a colorful planter ensemble, each paired with a unique and complementary fragrance. It’s an opportunity to let your creativity shine, resulting in a combination that’s as unique and distinctive as you are. The Folia candle collection not only elevates your ambiance but also adds a touch of botanical beauty to your living space, making it a delightful and functional addition to your home decor


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